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Mark Romanek (born September 18, 1959) is an American music video director, and the director of the El Scorcho music video.

El Scorcho

Rivers Cuomo felt very strongly about keeping his videos gimmick-free during the promotion for Pinkerton. His reaction to the huge success of the Buddy Holly music video was one of fear that people loved the geeky gimmicks of the video, and weren't appreciating his songwriting. He wanted El Scorcho to be very straight-forward. During the editing of the video for El Scorcho, Cuomo and the director, Mark Romanek, got into a disagreement about the way the video was to be made, which led to Romanek removing his name from the directing credit. Two verisions came out of this dispute, a "Director's Cut" edition (Romanek's version) and a second which probably had Cuomo as its main director. The "Director's Cut" version is shown below.

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