Move On

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"Move On"
Move On cover
Song by The Rentals
Album Return of the Rentals
Released October 24, 1995
Format CD
Recorded Poop Alley Studios
Length 4:20
Label Maverick Records / Reprise Records
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer(s) Matt Sharp, Tom Grimley
Status Officially released
Return of the Rentals track listing
"Friends of P."
"Move On"
"Please Let That Be You"

"Move On" is the fourth track on The Rentals debut album, Return of the Rentals.


The song was covered by the band The Helio Sequence for the 2008 tribute album Friends of P - Tribute to the Rentals (released as a CD in Japan in 2010 as Lost Out in the Machinery - Songs of the Rentals)




Lyrics and chords from ca. 2005

Let's get up and leave this town
I just want to go right now
Once we get out of here
No one will notice that we disappeared

So what do you say we go right now?
Get away from everyone that hangs around
They seem so insincere
So why don't we just leave them here

And move on
Move on

We'll find some new place nice
Some other city or the countryside
We'll make new friends in time
We'll pack up and say goodbye

It's been six long years
Six years of hanging about without a care
It don't matter where we go
Anywhere is better I know

So move on
Move on

Come on, let's get away
So far away
Come on, let's run away, run away
Run away today

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