My Folks

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"My Folks"
Demo by Weezer
Recorded 2007/2008
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
Status demo circulating

"My Folks" is a song written by Rivers Cuomo in 2007 as a song in contention for Weezer's planned sixth album, which would eventually become The Red Album in 2008.


The song was featured on The 4 and 5 Star Demos of Rivers Cuomo spreadsheet. The song went unheard fans until it was leaked online in November 2020.


Granddad came on a broken bus
He got a job so he could care for us
And he didn't ever say too much
Though his feet would give him pain

That's the way that a man should work
He does his part and he don't act like a jerk
And he'll die and go to heaven
If there is such a place in the sky

And that should be enough for a man
To get himself by

Grandma was a beauty in her day
She spoke her mind if she had something to say
But she didn't say too much
'Cause she didn't want to let us down

And her apple pie was voted
The best damn pie in town

These are my folks
These are my peeps
These are my friends
And we ain't no creeps
These are the ways that we like to pass our time

We don't cause pain
If we don't have to
We'll try to cheer you up
When you're feeling blue
This is the way that we like to live our lives

Everybody feels the pain sometime
When they're walking on their own
I was such a mess when I was a child
But now I'm fully grown

Join me

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