My Name Was Zoltan

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"My Name Was Zoltan"
song by Jason Cropper
Released 2019
Length 4:35
Writer(s) Jason Cropper
Status MP3 in circulation

"My Name Was Zoltan" is a song by Jason Cropper. The song is a direct allusion to the Weezer song "My Name Is Jonas" (co-written by Cropper).


Jason Cropper uploaded the song to his SoundCloud account in late 2019. In 2020, during a podcast interview, Cropper explained the Origin of the song's title and inspiration[1]:

When I was born, my dad ran into the delivery room, and he's like a hippie kind of dropout scientist in Berkeley or San Francisco or something in 1971, and the nurse says "what are you going to name him?" as she's about to write my name down on the birth certificate, and he says "how about Zoltan?" and apparently the whole room just went silent. There's three doctors and all these nurses and everybody's like... "uh, get that guy out of here."

So then a couple days later he and my mom were talking about it apparently and he came back and was like, "How about Jason?" and she was like, "I think that's great."

Yeah, so along the names of "My Name Is Jonas," my name was Zoltan.
- Jason Cropper, September 2020[1]



My name was Zoltan
We were friends as young boys
We made some loud noises
With our shiny new toys

I'll be here all day
Hear the songs I play
Just like a memory
Only in dreams

You might have heard of this
Some missing evidence
The judge has just walked out
She threw the gavel down

My name is Vishnu
Hold it together for the truth
While I'm not a real Hindu
When we wake up I'll be you

Alternate reality
Has got the best of me
Why'd you have to let me go?
I had too many seeds to sow

We were diving for the pearl
While the ancient ones rip curl(?)
Overhead, the sun still shines
We still have some time

All too soon
Played our last tune
See you at go-around field(?) next June
Next June

All alone
You played our song
You tarnished grounds where I don't belong

My name is Jason

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