No Desire

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For the track from the Rentals project Songs About Time, see No Desire #2.
"No Desire"
Unreleased song by Matt Sharp
Released 2003
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Status Bootlegs in circulation

"No Desire" is a song written by Matt Sharp.



"No Desire" is known to have been performed at Matt Sharp's solo shows in 2003. Though the song was never released on an album, a similarly-named song titled "No Desire #2" was recorded for the Rentals' multimedia project Songs About Time in 2009.


July 2, 2003 performance

Why? What's it all worth?
Is it worth anything without desire?

And I, I'd give you so much
Every little thing you might desire
Yeah, I could give you anything
Everything you desire

What do you wanna say right now?
Say, ???, go ahead, ???

So tell me why
Can't she give you anything?
And there's no, no, no desire
Nah, you can't give anything
No, I don't know 'cause I have no desire
No desire
No desire
No desire

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