Oh Babe It Holds Me Together

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"Oh Babe It Holds Me Together"
Demo by Rivers Cuomo
Recorded 1991
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo, Pat Wilson
RC# 110
COR# 5
Status unreleased

"Oh Babe It Holds Me Together" (also known as "It Holds Me Together") is a demo by Rivers Cuomo and Pat Wilson.


"It Holds Me Together" was first recorded for Rivers's Opera, and released as part of Alone V: Before Weezer. As with all the other songs from this compilation, it consists of Rivers singing and playing piano. A full band version of this song was later recorded to 8-track by Cuomo and Wilson in December of 1991 or January of 1992, as part of "the 50 Song Project", and released on Alone V: Before Weezer. A scan of the song's lyrics were uploaded by Cuomo to riverscuomo.com in the early 2000s. In November of 2020, demos of the song were listed on the website's in-progress demo storefront.


Lyrics for "Oh Babe It Holds Me Together"

Oh Bonnie I'm hopin
My hands are smokin'
Red lights are burning
Your hands keep turning

My soul is hiding
Faces are wondering
What are ya doing up there man?
I'm singin man, I'm singin mad
Oh babe it holds me together
it holds me together
My world is underground
Ears sealed from city & sound
What am I doing up here man?
I'm singin mad, I'm singin' mad

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