Pat Wilson Wonderland interview with Pat Wilson - 2002

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Pat Wilson Wonderland: How are you feeling so far about the Enlightenment Tour? Are you enjoying the changing setlists?

Pat: I feel great! The setlists keep everything relatively fresh, although Id like to get in a little more Maladroit. It's more of a crowd pleaser to do Blue and Pinkerton though.

PWW: How are things going working up to the SG playing on the tour?

Pat: We're very grateful that the guys are so accommodating, and we feel lucky to be able to do it. We're stoked.

PWW: Who originally inspired you to take up the drums?

Pat: Actually, in third grade they sat us down in the school cafeteria and gave us choices of what instruments we were interested in playing. My first choice was saxophone, but it was very popular so I went to the second which was percussion. After that it was Stewart Copeland, John Bonham, and Neil Peart.

PWW: What has been the worst gig you have done and why?

Pat: Probably at Berkeley Square in Berkeley, CA with the Chainsaw Kittens. No paying customers and 2 people on our list. Weak!

PWW: What movie do you wish you could've been in?

Pat: Clerks. Kevin Smith is a genius.

PWW: What was the last record you bought?

Pat: DJ Shadow's The Private Press.

PWW: What was your worst experience at the hospital? Your best?

Pat: Having an appendectomy. Leaving 2 days later!

PWW: What has been your favorite music video to make?

Pat: The second "Island" video. Who doesn't like baby tiger cubs?

PWW: Which do you find to be more enjoyable - TSG or Weezer?

Pat: Apples and oranges. I get more nervous in TSG, but it's getting easier. My ego probably likes TSG more.

PWW: As an avid equestrian I HAVE to ask - do you like horses? Have you ever ridden?

Pat: Horses are intimidating to me, and I rode once when I was little and it freaked me out!

PWW: Does the rising Weezer logo in the shows scare you any?

Pat: It's a little sketchy! We're working out the bugs though.

PWW: What has been the most embarrassing or dumbest thing you've done on stage?

Pat: Some of the Japan Pinkerton shows were god-awful. It was funny at the time, but it's embarrassing now.

PWW: What is the oddest or scariest thing a fan has done for you?

Pat: Weezer tattoos are pretty impressive!

PWW: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about touring?

Pat: The shows for both. Good ones rule and bad ones suck.

PWW: What is your favorite thing to do while traveling?

Pat: Visiting friends in different cities - it's awesome.

PWW: What is your fave food on tour?

Pat: Zen Palate in NYC!