Penn State Collegian interview with Pat Wilson - February 8, 2002

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Weezer drummer Pat Wilson humorous in the hot seat
By Caralyn Greenemail, Collegian Staff Writer</br>

For it being so close to show time, Pat Wilson was extremely cool. Wilson, Weezer's drummer, called my dorm room from backstage at an arena in Charlotte, NC. The Hyper Extended Midget Tour was kicking off just hours after our conversation.

Wilson remained unfazed and friendly, and was gracious enough to play my game of 20 questions.

Penn State Collegian: Does it get hot playing under the big, bright Weezer logo light (that hangs behind you at each concert)?

Pat: It can. Especially if we play a smaller venue and they have to put it behind me. It's on fire.

PSC: How much influence did you have on naming the fourth album, Maladroit?

Pat: I'll throw out titles now and again. Sometimes I'll say something funny and I'll say, "There's a title."

PSC: The Midget Tour has now been extended twice. Why not just come up with a new name for the current tour?

Pat: I guess that's the joke. You keep on making the midget bigger. We're not very original for the most part.

PSC: On the website for The Special Goodness, your other band, it says, "There's nothing lamer than describing music, so just download an MP3 and get on it." Why is there nothing lamer than describing music?

Pat: Well, it's a different language than words. I can sort of talk about music but it's better to listen rather than trying to explain it to you.

PSC: Why do you ride your scooter laying down?

Pat: I actually don't do too much scooting, but there's been a lot of media about it. 'Cause I'm basically bored.

PSC: How do you pick your opening bands?

Pat: Rivers basically does everything except play my drums, Brian's guitar, and Scott's bass. Anything that's a decision, Rivers does it, but if I say something, he does listen.

PSC: Pick one adjective to describe each band member.

Pat: Scott: ripping. Brian: discriminating. Rivers: thoughtful. Pat: well-rounded.

PSC: What was your last thought before you fell asleep last night?

Pat: It's time to turn off the television.

PSC: What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

Pat: What time is it?

PSC: How much input did you have on the evolution of the songs on Maladroit?

Pat: Once I'm done tracking, it's out of my hands. I could stay and be around all the time and look over everyone's shoulders. For me it's about playing and getting out of the way, though. Obviously no one will have anything bad to say about my parts because they're so rad.

PSC: What's the worst CD you ever bought?

Pat: OU812 by Van Halen.

PSC: Who was your idol when you were 13?

Pat: Eddie Van Halen. Which seems so stupid now but he was rad back then, I promise.

PSC: Which of the earlier Weezer songs still makes you think, wow that's good?

Pat: It's so hard. I'm so burned on all those songs we've played so many times..."Buddy Holly". It's pretty great. Every time we play it everyone gets so excited. It's cool.

PSC: If you could be any woman, who would you be?

Pat: Giselle. That sounds horribly bad, but there's nothing wrong with being beautiful, rich, and young. I don't have any women role models cause all I do is watch shit TV...Giselle's got all kind of money. Let's assume she's not smart because most models aren't. But you can get smart if you want to be smart...PJ Harvey. She's a woman artist with substance.

PSC: If you were a unicorn, where would you fly?

Pat: I would fly onto somebody's trapper keeper.

PSC: Do you know what's up with Matt Sharp?

Pat: I don't. I have no idea what he's doing. I saw him in L.A. He would show up at Special Goodness shows. I haven't seen him for a long time. The other day, I was signing CDs and thinking, he's not even the last bass player in Weezer.

PSC: You have awesome sideburns. Are they hard to maintain?

Pat: I just let them grow until they annoy me. I do go back and forth between the start of the lobe and the bottom of the lobe. But they don't go below my ear. You can't trust a guy who doesn't have some sideburns.

PSC: Which member of the Scooby gang are you?

Pat: I'm probably Scooby. I just feel like Scooby. I like snacks. When it comes time to put something special on and save the day, I'm that guy.

PSC: Are there songs that you hoped would make Maladroit that didn't?

Pat: "Don't Pick On Me" is really cool. It's a bummer. If I say a song is great, it's guaranteed that Cuomo will want to stop playing it.

PSC: What role does the message board have on the band?

Pat: It has some impact. It's valuable insight... Sometimes you're too close to it.

PSC: Any final words?

Pat: Have fun while you can.

PSC: That sounds so sad.

Pat: Have fun because not having fun is lame.