Rivers Cuomo concert: 02/19/2011

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Rivers Cuomo concert: 02/19/2011
Location Chicago, IL
Date February 19, 2011
Debuts "Heart Songs"
Guests The Cathy Santonies
Rivers Cuomo and the Cathy Santonies live show chronology
11/25/2008 - Long Beach, CA 02/19/2011 - Chicago, IL 01/27/2013 - Tokyo, Japan
Rivers Cuomo with the Cathy Santonies

Rivers Cuomo played a number of Weezer songs for episode 221 [1] of the Chicago-based radio talk-show Sound Opinions in 2011, joined by the Chicago-based all-female punk band The Cathy Santonies. The show aired on February 19, 2011.

Set list

No. Song
1 "Undone - The Sweater Song  
2 "The Good Life  
3 "Heart Songs"/"In the Garage(mashup)  
4 "Can't Stop Partying  
5 "El Scorcho(web-only track)  

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