Rivers Cuomo concert: 10/08/1997

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Rivers Cuomo concert: 10/08/1997
Venue The Paradise
Location Boston, MA
Date October 8, 1997
Supporting acts Babaloo
Bitter Little Dutchboy
Debuts "Little Sister"
Guests Mikey Welsh
Kevin Stevenson
Zeph Courtney
Bootleg Circulating
Rivers Cuomo live show chronology
09/26/1997 - Cambridge, MA 10/08/1997 - Boston, MA 11/05/1997 - Cambridge, MA

Rivers Cuomo performed at The Paradise in Boston, Massachusetts on October 8, 1997 as part of a short run of Weezer "try-out" shows. The show was sponsored by 101.7 WFNX for the "Molson Ice Polar Beach Party".[1] Cuomo was joined by future Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh on bass, Kevin Stevenson (of the band The Shods) on guitar, and Zeph Courtney (of Chevy Heston and Stompbox) on drums.[2]

Reportedly Matt Sharp was supposed to attend this show and play alongside the band, but he missed his flight.[1] Cuomo recorded the show onto his personal DAT recorder and shared performances of "Little Sister" and "1,000 Years" with fans on the Rivers Correspondence Board in the early 2000s.


No. Song
1 "Rosemary  
2 "1,000 Years  
3 "The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World  
4 "Little Sister(live debut)  
5 "Baby  
6 "Say It Ain't So  
7 "Fun Time  
8 "American Girls  
9 "Undone - The Sweater Song  
Source: [3]

Fan reaction

Chris Macneil recounted the concert on weezerfanclub.com shortly after it happened:[1]

hello it's chris. alright it's been two weeks since rivers first show and here's the scoop...he played last wednesday [10/8] at a larger club called paradise. it was really cool because it was right outside my window. the show was sponsored by a great local station 101.7 wfnx and it was for the molsen ice polar beach party. featuring two bands babaloo and bitter little dutchboy. this time he and the same backup band [w/members of chevy heston and the shods] played a longer set, featuring the same six songs as before, a new one called little sister, it's rocking and is about how girls post stuff about him on the internet that he'd rather not have his mother see. an added bonus this time, on top of the sweater song, was say it ain't so. also cool was the fact that apparently matt was suppose to fly in and play it with rivers. but he missed his flight [?] anyway the songs are all really good.

—Chris Macneil, World Wide Weezer, 1997

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