Rock Sound Volumen 43

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Rock Sound Volumen 43
Rock Sound Volumen 43 cover
Compilation album by various
Released 2001
Recorded various
Label Rock Sound

Rock Sound Volumen 43 is a promotional CD released with the Spanish edition of the 43rd volume of the magazine Rock Sound. The Weezer song "Starlight", taken from the "Hash Pipe" CD single, appears on the compilation. A picture of the band is featured on the front cover of the release, as well as the disc.

Track listing

No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Starlight"  Weezer 3:21
2. "Last Man Standing"  Biohazard 2:20
3. "Your Number is One"  Rollins Band 4:27
4. "Song Yet to Be Sung"  Perry Farrel 4:53
5. "Jungle Telegraph"  Eels 3:41
6. "Yesterday's Headlines"  Good Riddance 2:26
7. "Emergencia"  Lagartija Nick 4:30
8. "Impress Me"  Waterdown 3:19
9. "90's Love"  Half Foot Outside 3:50
10. "Cosmic"  El Caco 3:08
11. "Musikaren Erabilpenak"  Lif 3:16
12. "Time Has Come"  Nine 4:13
13. "X Izpiak"  Sagarroi 2:43


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