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Getting his kicks.

Weezer Make Nice on Tour
With a Top Twenty disc and a hot summer tour, Cuomo and Co. are getting along fine
By Austin Scaggs
Posted June 3, 2005

"We've had our shitty history," says Weezer drummer Pat Wilson. "But I don't think we've ever gone through three weeks of touring and had so much fun."

In May, Weezer's new album, Make Believe, debuted at Number Two, their highest chart position ever, and the band headlined Coachella and wrapped a twelve-date club tour. Even better, their notoriously eccentric frontman, Rivers Cuomo, has yet to go mental. "I'm not suspicious anymore of how well we're getting along," says Wilson. "So that should tell you something."

With the album at Number Seventeen in its third week (selling 325,000 copies so far, according to Nielsen SoundScan), Weezer just left for Europe to play festivals. The band will be back in the States playing amphitheaters in July. (There's also a rumored fall tour with Foo Fighters.)

For fans wondering why recent gigs have leaned so heavily on early tracks from the Blue Album and Pinkerton, Wilson says, "Before we started this run, we all voted. We put our songs into a spreadsheet, and the songs that got the most votes are the ones we put in the set. Every show was almost exactly the same." Wilson promises that the group will re-vote and add about six songs to the repertoire for the summer tour.

Cuomo, who studies Buddhism and has been celibate for two years, spends most of his downtime on the tour bus, watching European soccer on the Fox Soccer Channel. "Rivers knows about all that stuff," Wilson says. "He was schooling me."

There are rumors that Cuomo may return to Harvard, where he's majoring in English, to finish his final semester. Cuomo hasn't addressed the issue, but Wilson says, "I can't imagine, if the record is blowing up and we're all having a good time, why he'd just bail." He adds, "I want to do everything I can to keep this vibe going. If it starts feeling unnatural, then I think the band will stop. But right now it feels great."