article - March 19, 2007

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3/19/07, 1:05 pm EST

When Rock Stars eBay!

We’re in the age now when artists indulging in eBay is no longer a surprise, thus our initial reaction to Weezer’s Patrick Wilson selling his Subaru Forester on the site. Upon further review, however, we’re kinda shocked how much activity is actually on Wilson’s account. He’s not only a regular eBay buyer, he’s also a heavy seller too.

Recently, he sold a “fantastic guitar” to buyer pepi3019, as well as a $1099 Budda Superdrive amp to reformed1.

It makes us a little frightened though: with Wilson’s eBay fire sale of musical equipment should we conclude he’s leaving the music industry? Or is Wilson just doing a little spring cleaning? Either way, it’s good to know Weezer has a 100 percent Customer Rating on eBay to go with their undying fan support.

-- Daniel Kreps