Sessions@AOL (2005)

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Sessions@AOL 2005
Sessions@AOL 2005 cover
Tour Make Believe Tour
Venue Capitol Studios, Studio A
Location Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
Date November 1, 2005
Released November 18, 2005
Associated album Make Believe
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'Sessions@AOL (2005)' Sessions@AOL (2008)

The Sessions@AOL in 2005 were Weezer's first Sessions@AOL performance, and they took place on on November 1[1], 2005 at Capitol Studios' Studio A in Hollywood. Five songs were performed live in the studio, and therefore are presented in their sometimes altered 'live' versions. The performances and a interview shot on the same day debuted on November 18, 2005 on the AOL Sessions site. Also, backup guitarist Bobby Schneck, who accompanied the band on the Make Believe Tour, performed with the band. Later, a Best Buy promo DVD was released featuring three of the performances.


"Perfect Situation" opens the setlist, and the performance is very similar to the song's single version. It includes the altered chorus vocals and background vocal of "perfect situation" during the outro. The performance of "Buddy Holly" that follows includes the guitar/synth intro played frequently on the Make Believe Tour. Auto Tune is used significantly on this song and all the other songs from the sessions. "Don't Let Go" follows, featuring an updated vocal line and synthesizer arrangement. Brian Bell plays lead guitar and synthesizer during this performance and Rivers Cuomo sings. Cuomo performs "Island in the Sun" next, as a solo acoustic piece. "Beverly Hills" follows, featuring an extended talk box solo played by Cuomo Background vocals "gimmie gimmie" are performed by Scott Shriner and Bell instead of the female vocals on the album version.


No. Song
1 "Perfect Situation  
2 "Buddy Holly  
3 "Don't Let Go  
4 "Island in the Sun  
5 "Beverly Hills  
6 "Q&A"   



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