Some Come Running Through

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"Some Come Running Through"
Some Come Running Through cover
Album track by Matt Sharp
Album Puckett's Versus the Country Boy
Released 2003
Recorded 4212 Old Hillsboro Road, Leipers Fork, TN
Length 5:24
Writer(s) Matt Sharp
Producer(s) Matt Sharp
Status Officially released
Puckett's Versus the Country Boy track listing
"Goodbye West Coast"
"Some Come Running Through"
"Visions of Anna"

"Some Come Running Through" (previously titled "Cokehead Queen") is the second track from the EP Puckett's Versus the Country Boy by Matt Sharp.





Lyric sheet made by Bryan Bos, with photographs by Sharp

Woke up by the coke queen
'Round nine in the morning
She's in my bed, snoring
She never had very much to say

Jumped out of the stock race
Came over to your place
Said I'd give you all my money
And you just laughed and said I was never funny anyway

Can you hear me singing?
As you were drifting
Some come running through

Was with the dry canteen
She's a crippler, a limousine
Another dull guillotine —and get this
She calls me her latrine, well

I heard your gorgeous mayday
I was with that second-rate Fay Wray
A whore with money, yes
Just another whore running away

Hear you singing
I was drifting
Heard you singing
I was lifted
Some come running through
Some come running over you

So I hopped on a bus, aw yeah
It was 1950s-style
Yeah, you got a reason to smile
I won't see you for a while

Yes, I hopped on a bus, baby
I packed a blue duffel bag too
I packed it with all the mess you left from when
You ran through
Some come running through
And some, they run right over you
Some come running through

I heard you singing
I was drifting
Heard you singing
You were twisting
Heard you singing
And I was lifted
Heard you singing
Aw, yeah

Woke up with the coke queen
A half-mile from history
A lifetime from my dream, well
You gotta be joking

Woke up with the coke queen
It's become a routine
The more I taste it, well
The more I'm just wasting away

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