Songs from 2008

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Songs from 2008
Songs from 2008 cover
Studio album by Jason Cropper
Released March 25, 2022
Format digital
Recorded 2008
Length 28:29
Label Studio C Music

Songs from 2008 is an album by Jason Cropper, consisting of songs written and recorded in 2008. The album was released on streaming platforms on March 25, 2022.


Following the dissolution of Chopper One and subsequently Fliptop, Cropper decided to focus more on his family than his life in the music industry. While working as an employee at Guitar Center in early 2006, Cropper built a home studio and began recording himself and other locals, such as Buffalo Alice. Over the course of two years Cropper wrote and recorded songs for his first solo album to be released in 2008, but for unknown reasons the album was scrapped and the recordings were lost over time.

However, in January of 2022 Cropper managed to get ahold of the lost recordings through mutual friends, motivating him to officially release the songs digitally over streaming platforms.

Track list

All songs written and composed by Jason Cropper
No. Title Length
1. "She'd Be Good for Me"   4:46
2. "Stop to Wonder"   3:43
3. "All the Walls"   3:47
4. "Ferris Wheel Girl"   4:57
5. "The Lonely Hearts Parade"   3:44
6. "I'd Die Inside of You"   3:27
7. "Each of These Loves"   4:05
Total length:


  • Jason Cropper - composer, lyricist, vocals
  • Ed Shiers - drums [1]

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