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This list is an attempt to document the musical notation of songs by and relating to Weezer. All pieces of work submitted to Weezerpedia and listed on this page are not official or endorsed in any way, and are created by Weezerpedia contributors.

If you would like to contribute yourself, please see Help:Tablature for a tutorial on formatting and submitting tabs.



Artist Song Chords Tab Bass Tablature
Chopper One "Touch My Fuzz" -- -- X Tablature:Touch My Fuzz


Artist Song Chords Tab Bass Tablature
Left Nut "Inside My Shoes" -- -- X Tablature:Inside My Shoes


Artist Song Chords Tab Bass Tablature
Rivers Cuomo "A Boat on the Sea" X -- -- Tablature:A Boat on the Sea
Rivers Cuomo "The Formula" X -- -- Tablature:The Formula
Rivers Cuomo "Homeless" X -- -- Tablature:Homeless
Rivers Cuomo "I'm Lonely on a Saturday Night" X -- -- Tablature:I'm Lonely on a Saturday Night
Rivers Cuomo "Memphis" X -- -- Tablature:Memphis
Rivers Cuomo "My Bark Is Worse Than My Bite" X -- -- Tablature:My Bark Is Worse Than My Bite
Rivers Cuomo "No Way" X -- -- Tablature:No Way
Rivers Cuomo "Oh God I'm Hungry" -- X -- Tablature:Oh God I'm Hungry
Rivers Cuomo "Set Me Right" X -- -- Tablature:Set Me Right


Artist Song Chords Tab Bass Tablature
Scott & Rivers "Homely Girl" X -- -- Tablature:Homely Girl
Supersport 2000 "Killing Spree" -- -- X Tablature:Killing Spree
Supersport 2000 "Seatbelt" -- -- X Tablature:Seatbelt
Supersport 2000 "Sr. Benito" -- -- X Tablature:Sr. Benito


Artist Song Chords Tab Bass Tablature
That Dog "Family Functions" -- -- X Tablature:Family Functions
That Dog "Old Timer" -- -- X Tablature:Old Timer


Artist Song Chords Tab Bass Tablature
Weezer "Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me" -- -- X Tablature:Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me
Weezer "Cryin' and Lonely" X -- -- Tablature:Cryin' and Lonely
Weezer "Francesca" X -- -- Tablature:Francesca
Weezer "Hero" X -- -- Tablature:Hero
Weezer "Mad Kow" X -- -- Tablature:Mad Kow
Weezer "Modern Dukes" X -- X Tablature:Modern Dukes
Weezer "New Joint" X -- -- Tablature:New Joint
Weezer "Preacher's Son" X -- -- Tablature:Preacher's Son

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