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Tablaturetemplateimage.png This is a Tablature page, which contains the written musical notation of a song.

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Tab information
Song: "Memphis"
Artist: Rivers Cuomo
Type: Chords
Tuning: Standard
Created by User:Deckra
A G D E (x4)

[Verse 1]
A              G      D         E
Take the train out of Memphis
A           G    D      E
Hit the booty by 9:00
A           G         D
Looking for something special
E             A     G     D        E
And you're so fine, oh-so fine

[Verse 2]

A          G    D          E
Gonna take up a cleaver
A            G          D        E
And drop off all of the beef
A             G           D
Spread it all amongst the fishes
E         A     G         D        E
Along the reef, along the reef


Bm          C#m
So long sugar, but he won't go
Bm          C#m
So long sugar, but you don't know
Bm          C#m
So long and I, but you don't know
D      E

A G D E (repeat until fade out)
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