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The 50 Song Project was a joint effort by Rivers Cuomo and Patrick Wilson to write a total of fifty songs for their as-of-yet unnamed project.


Said Karl, "Shortly after the first (and only) 60 Wrong Sausages show, the band was no more. Pat Finn was going through some weird times, and Rivers was losing interest in the band, finding more excitement in his own new song material. About this time, Rivers and Pat Wilson expressed a mutual interest in moving toward the type of songs that bands like the Pixies and Nirvana were doing. While there was no definite plan, they embarked on a songwriting spree, hoping to write 50 new songs between them, and from this new roster move forward with an unnamed new band. While no one knew it at the time, this new band would not include Pat Finn, but rather Matt Sharp (who still lived in Northern California at this point). It was a definite stylistic move away from the more rhythmic jazz/jam/riff oriented 60 Wrong Sausages, and consequently the different writing style of Pat Finn.

They never quite made it to 50. However, the old Fuzz song roster was accepted as sufficient material, bolstering the list by at least 5-6 songs. Bush and 60WS songs were deemed too different for the new plan."
The project is notable for producing several future Weezer hits.


The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
Wet Dog
Guess We Could Wait
Make Me a Pallet
It Holds It Together
The World We Love So Much (Gregg Alexander cover)
Why Do We Hurt Each Other?
Rain (version 2) (aka What's Stopping You?)
M.E. (Gary Numan cover)
It's Not The Same
Little Bag
Close Your Eyes And Give Me A Kiss
I Can't Forget The Way
Chasm (aka Kasim)
2-2-Tango (2nd version)
My Oh My
Where Can I Go And Rest?
Lullaby for Wayne
Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me
Blood On The Hands Of...
I Am Your Blue Sky
My Name Is Jonas

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