The Damage in Your Heart

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"The Damage in Your Heart"
The Damage in Your Heart cover
Album track by Weezer
Album Make Believe
Released May 10, 2005
Format CD, Vinyl
Recorded Summer 2004
Length 4:03
Label Geffen
Writer(s) Rivers Cuomo
COR# 590
Producer(s) Weezer, Rick Rubin, Chad Bamford
Status Officially released
Live debut October 13, 2005
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Make Believe track listing
"We Are All on Drugs"
"The Damage in Your Heart"
"Pardon Me"

"The Damage in Your Heart" is the seventh track from Make Believe.



"The Damage in Your Heart" was included on Rivers Cuomo's "A-List" in February of 2004 during pre-production on Make Believe, though after writing more demos over the following spring, the song was no longer part of his "A-List". Following the album's release, the other members of the band discussed how they pushed for the song's inclusion:

Band commentary

Brian: “The Damage in Your Heart” was actually a song that me, Scott, and Pat kind of fought for, or wanted, from Rivers’ demo. When he went back to school, we kind of finished the album, had our twelve songs, and that was one of the ones that we thought we should look at again. For some reason, the three of us were drawn to it…
Pat: I think it was Rivers’ 13th favorite, right?
Rivers: Something like that
Brian: And he was really open to the idea of trying anything we wanted to try on this album, so, you know, we tried lots of songs that didn’t make it. But the fact that we persisted on that—just took his demo and kind of redid it while he was gone, and then he finished it up—was kind of an interesting process. I don’t know if the song, for me, turned out as well as I wanted it to, but it certainly is a nice song.
Rivers: Yeah, I have to say I’m really grateful to these guys for believing in this song and pushing for it to be on the album. And in so many other ways, just like this, they helped me stay on course while we were making the album, and keep me from going too far in one direction or the other, either with my songwriting, or my singing, or my guitar-playing. This album wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for the other three guys in this band really keeping me on course, and supporting me, pushing me, encouraging me. So it was a real band effort.
Scott: Cool
Pat: That’s huge

The song features violin instrumentation by Akiko Tarumoto of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

"The Damage in Your Heart" has been performed live only twice, to date.

Live performances




One more time
I have crossed the line
Now you won't be mine

One more dream
Vanished up in smoke
Now I have no hope

Let it go
The damage in your heart
Let it go
The damage in your heart
I can't tell you how the words have made me feel
I can't tell you how the words have made me feel

One more tear
Falling down your face
Doesn't mean that much
To the world

One more loss
In a losing life
Doesn't hurt so bad

One more tear
Falling down your face
Doesn't mean that much
To the world

I can't tell you
How the words have made me feel

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