The Dum Dums

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The Dum Dums
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 1990 - 1992?
Genre(s) Punk, Glam
Former Members
Pat Finn
Pat Wilson
Bob Hnilo
Von Lono

The Dum Dums were a short lived punk band.


The Dum Dums were a band active in Hollywood between 1989 and 1991. Their origin is a bit unclear, but they quickly became known as a very fun band to watch, as they dressed and behaved outrageously, while playing fast paced punk rock, similar to the Ramones only with crude, snotty and risque lyrics and subject matter. They had a large following and frequently were mentioned in the local music trades, as their shows were sometimes stopped by police and fire departments. Their goal was to make fun of the bloated Hollywood glam metal music and style that was popular at the time, and steal the audience of those bands. Tom Gardocki was a friend of the band and introduced them to Pat Finn and Pat Wilson, who would, along with Matt Sharp, later go out on stage and put on wild performances while the band was playing. Finn and Wilson would later fill in for bass and drums respectively, and would play a few shows with them before their breakup.[1] While a recording of one of the shows exists, Finn and Wilson never appeared on any demo tapes recorded by the band.

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