Tractor Heaven

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"Tractor Heaven"
Tractor Heaven cover
Album track by Southern Fried Swing
Album Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound
Released 2003
Length 2:50
Label Amorphous Records
Writer(s) Patrick Wilson and Karl Koch
Status Officially released
Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound track listing
"We Come in Peace"
"Tractor Heaven"
"Farm Love"

"Tractor Heaven" is the seventh track from the album Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound by Southern Fried Swing.


!!! = Purposeful gibberish

Oh no, oh no it's happened again

I am the happy repairman
I am the happy repairman
I'm going to fix it for a fee
I can use it jubilantly

When you die and go to Tractor Heaven
You can see all the others who
Did not make it through the field of life
They sharpened their blades but it was full of knives

I couldn't cut the field I was asked to
I could not take it away
Someone else had to do it 'cause
I die tomorrow
I die tomorrow

Back at the tractor pull

Cutting lawns is a pleasant occupation
When you don't know how to learn
Finding ways to manicure the blades of
Grass is a !!!

I managed the chemicals
And I poured them right down
I put them in a little chamber
Where there was brown residue
From last night, 'cause we had a big fight
Then we smoked little things
That did not resemble cornflakes

Twenty bucks a minute
Is what it's gonna cost
For me to even look at your lawnmower
That I know you lost

Why don't you go find it
'Cause then I can't work (I can't work)
If you don't know why then you're a jerk (You're a jerk)
I'm gonna charge you twenty-five bucks a nanosecond

Your carburetor doesn't not go
Your little lamb friend's a ho

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