United Dirt

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United Dirt
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA
Years active 1990 - 1991
Genre(s) Death Metal
Former Members
Pat Finn
Pat Wilson
Bob Hnilo

United Dirt was a side-project of The Dum Dums


United Dirt was a project containing most of the members of The Dum Dums, as well as Pat Wilson and Pat Finn. The band was a joke to all members involved. The songs were unstructured with offensive lyrics. Both Wilson and Vaughn were on drums and Hnilo screeching the lyrics. The band played live once as an encore to The Dum Dums. This show was recorded.

The band recorded a demo tape, as well as a practice session. This practice session recording had 6 cohesive songs but was lost[1]. Nothing is known about the demo tape except for that it used a drum machine instead of real drums [1]

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