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Album art

Yo, uhhh, I'm on board with the idea of uploading hi-res versions of album art, but the ones you're uploading are not only relatively large in terms of filesize, but they look like they were scaled via algorithm/neural network or something. I think that kind of thing can be interesting, but in the context of Weezerpedia it feels like weird history revisionism. Y'know what I mean?

re: Yeah, I understand. I think they're cool, but when you zoom in they look really weird. I'll revert them back, if someone already hasn't.

Title Capitalization

Yo, dude. Some tips re: title capitalization: Words like "is" and "are" are verbs, and should always be capitalized in a title. Also, prepositions are usually not capitalized EXCEPT if they're part of a phrasal verb. For example, "on" is lower-case in "Waiting on You", but when it is paired to construct a verb, as in "Hold On", it would be capitalized, thus the title should be "Hold On to My Lovin'/Loving" (see also "I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams"). Lastly, links on the wiki are often case-sensitive, so always preview the changes to make sure a link doesn't become red in the process of changing capitalization (or, just redirect the page if you do).