WRBC interview with Scott Shriner - December 12, 2001

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Interview originally aired on WRBC Radio on February 5, 2002 [1]. Transcript originally posted on the Weezer Media Archive.

WRBC Radio: Hi, this is Mark I am here with Scott from Weezer. How are you tonight, Scott?

Scott: Good, how are you Mark?

WRBC: Good, I'm doing alright.

Scott: Good.

WRBC: This is the last night and date of your Extended Midget Tour.

Scott: Except for the super secret show tomorrow.

WRBC: Oh the super secret show tomorrow?

Scott: In another country.

WRBC: In another country, really? Can you give us any more details?

Scott: No.

WRBC: How have you been pleased with the fan turnout so far?

Scott: It's been unbelievable; I've never seen so many people in my whole life.

WRBC: How was touring with Tenacious D and Jimmy Eat World then?

Scott: They've been great because every time we come out people are already having a lot of fun and excited and ready for the show, so they've been doing a great job.

WRBC: What other bands are you guys thinking about maybe collaborating with on future tours?

Scott: I don't know if I am allowed to say that or not...a band from Ohio that wore funny hats a long time ago that we were hoping to maybe do something with, but I can't mention the name.

WRBC: So I think we'll look forward to that, maybe.

Scott: Good luck figuring that out.

WRBC: You guys, on the new tour, have done a new version of Don't Let Go. Before you've stayed pretty faithful to the album version of the song. What prompted the change?

Scott: I think after a few nights of playing it, it was feeling a little kinda thin and flat and Rivers had the idea to change the key of it, which actually got me down playing lower on the bass end of it. It just sounds fatter now so...it didn't feel like we were getting that great of a response live from that show as we'd like, so we thought we'd try beefing it up.

WRBC: I guess I have some questions about the new album. Rivers has said The Blue Album was more of an emasculated album, while Pinkerton was more of him getting in touch with his masculine side. Where would you see The Green Album fitting in and where the new album would fit in as well?

Scott: I have no clue.

WRBC: No clue?

Scott: How's that for an answer?

WRBC: I guess that works.

Scott: That one I don't know about. I think the new album is not going to be quite as reserved as the Green record. It's gonna be a little wilder and a little more riffy. I don't know many fancy words to use for it. It's gonna be hard. It's gonna be great.

WRBC: I guess pretty much everyone in the band has some heavy metal influences. I know Rivers and, I believe, Brian - they both are into trance and kinda techno. How much of that are we gonna see? Is it going to be more metal?

Scott: You will see absolutely not trance or techno, but it'll definitely have more of a Zeppelin edge if I have anything to do with it.

WRBC: There was a tentative track listing released on the web, is that still looking to be…

Scott: The idea was to throw songs up there and have people respond and say, "Well what about this song?" or "We don't like this song," or… He kind of wants the fans to kind of have an input on it, so that's why he's asking for people to email in with what they think about that sort of….that idea… of a list.

WRBC: Do you have any idea about a title? Is it going to be another color?

Scott: No, it hasn't been talked about yet.

WRBC: You're fairly new to Weezer.

Scott: Very fairly.

WRBC: You came from your band Broken in LA, and you're not a fully permanent member of Weezer according to...

Scott: Uh……I am recording bass for the next record, and I'm here today, so until somebody comes up and tries to wrestle the bass out of my hands, I'm not going anywhere.

WRBC: I guess the auditions were not open auditions, they were invite-only. How did Weezer come to hear about you?

Scott: I had a friend of mine named Barry Squire that works as kind of a contact in LA, and I've been going out for him for a long time and they said they wanted somebody kind of heavy to fill in, so it wasn't even really an audition kind of thing. And then I came in and I just made it so that anybody else that they heard after me they wouldn't be able to think about even hiring them.

WRBC: I guess you've done a good job and you sound great live.

Scott: Thanks, man.

WRBC: I guess Weezer has had some troubles with their label, and Rivers has even said they're not even talking to them. Do you know anything about that?

Scott: No, I couldn't comment on that.

WRBC: I guess you've put out the new mp3's on the site almost everyday. You have the live shows, you have the Summer Songs website.

Scott: Right. A couple of those songs we're thinking about maybe putting on the album too, I guess. I just heard some of them for the first time the other day, so we're actually in the process of learning a lot of those right now, well I am learning those. Those are totally new songs to me, but I really like 'em a lot so we're all excited about doing them.

WRBC: You're headed off to Europe pretty soon?

Scott: In February-March? Something like that.

WRBC: And you're going into the studio to record, and we have the mp3's and everything. Any other goodies fans have to look forward to?

Scott: More secret shows, funny television type appearances and we're just going to keep writing and demoing and recording stuff so there should be a steady flow of music coming everybody's way.

WRBC: Throughout all of Weezer's career they've had trouble shaking the "geek" label. Do you think the new album with it being a little harder rock they'll be able to shake it, finally?

Scott: No because it's been proven throughout history that geeks rock the hardest, pretty much because they're the most upset and pissed off so, you know what I mean? The guy who got laid the most in high school usually is pretty relaxed and ends up driving a truck, and then the guys that get the shit kicked out of them wind up getting all that later on in life, I guess.

WRBC: What kind of stuff are you and the other band members listening to now? Anything that you guys really want to pass onto the fans and have the fans listen to?

Scott: No, I wouldn't torture anybody with the stuff I've been listening to all week. I just went out and bought a bunch of the old Sabbath stuff that I lost, so I've been listening to a lot of that. And...uh...and I don't know what the other guys have been listening to. Brian's into all kinds of different stuff. Him and Karl are all off into this whole other kind of music, so I pretty much stay with the classics.