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January 2000

Whats this I hear about Matt rejoining the band?

Pure rumor. Matt is (well, check Dan's Rentals Page for the latest) fully involved with the Rentals, and has no plans to do otherwise at this time.

I sent in (a S.A.S.E./application/etc) to the fanclub a while ago and have recieved nothing, not even the free lyrics. what happened?

The fanclub, while still officially active and inclusive of those members enrolled as of last summer, is currently still unable to process new memberships. This situation has only gotten worse since it began in late 1998, so I have recently decided to make the call to suspend the clubs "new" activities, including getting new members, untill weezer itself is on the move again (i.e. a new album. )

I will in fact be fufilling the outstanding lyric requests shortly, and plan on keeping current with that. Also I will continue to be the "mailroom-boy", forwarding your letters to the individual band members, and passing on your letters to the band after checking them out for other requests, etc. The Portland, OR, address inside Pinkerton is still the valid address for all (non-Rentals) mail. The Hollywood Boulevard address inside the blue album is OUT OF DATE, and any letter sent there has no guarantee of getting processed at this time.

If you in fact sent a check to pay for a new membership (using an old joiner form), that $ will be returned to you shortly.

I do apologize for all the confusion with the fan club in recent times, and plan on it being fully revamped and operational at the time of weezers third album. At such time, any and all instructions on what is available and how to get it will be either listed in the CD itself, posted on the RWA, or both.

Are Special Goodness CD's still available? I understand that there was a special tour edition of the 1998 Japanese release.

No. Those special "homemade" tour CD's are sold out...... For now, the only way to ge this CD is to order the Japanese import (see below). Eventually, it should see a re-release as a domestic album, but not for some time.

I am really having trouble tracking down the Special Goodness import. What are its catalog #'s and other info? (revised answer)

Thanks to Suzanne (~w~ #3278) we now know one reliable source. The company is called Sound City 2000, Inc. They are able to order the CD. On their order form, they just need the catalog number, price, and artist/album title. Here is some info you may need to fill out their online order form:

This CD is on Rock Records (Japan) Co., Ltd. and is catalog # RCCY-1025 ROCK/POPS. Its "ISBN" (upc bar code) number is: 4 516192 120076. It is distributed by Nippon Columbia. Although it says on the CD that it was licensed by Geffen Records, Geffen has nothing to do with the CD getting to stores or any websites stockroom. Thats the responsibility of Nippon Columbia (Columbia Records of Japan)

The CD is listed on their site as $36.99 plus shipping. Thats a lot, but you can look at it like the price of 2 CD's by other artists- and the S.G. CD is easily as good as any 2 regular CD's!

Update!! thanks to Mark F., we have learned that the Special Goodness import CD is available from towerrecords.com . They ship it out reasonably quick and it costs $23.99, which is about 10$ cheaper than previously available sources.

February 2000

When is a new weezer album coming out? Whats going on with the band, anyway?

Despite some angry folks' insistance that I secretly know everything and am holding out, the info is a little slim here. I am, in fact, currently trying to get a hold of Rivers, who has been pretty darn quiet for the last several months. I used to get a call from him every so often, but this has just not been the case recently. If and when I can get in touch, I of course hope to gain some insights, which i would be happy to pass on the the RWA.

The reason my news (and weezer news in general recently) has been so biased toward the "solo bands", is due to the fact that that's where the news is these days, like it or not.And to those telling me to "stick to weezer", I can only say, who else has been since 1991?

To sum up what is known for sure:

1) weezer is indeed still a band. 2) weezer does intend to, and is in fact contracted to record and release a third full length album. 3) As far as I know, the songs that were written and practiced together during 1998 have been rejected by rivers, who opted to write all new material. 4) As far as I know, Rivers has been writing music by himself since spring 1999, and, while I heard several times that he was ready to show this new material to the rest of the band, this in fact did not happen, and I have heard no explanation of this to date. 5) I am forced to conclude that Rivers is not yet ready to present the new material to the rest of the guys, but will do this once he is ready. 6) Because of these uncertainties, it is unrealistic to make any exact prediction of when weezer will record and release a third album. 7) In the meantime, Pat and Mikey are concentrating in full on the Special Goodness, and Brian continues to split his time between the Space Twins and Mephisto. 8) Like I said above, if i get any update on this situation, it will be immediately forwarded to Anuj and Dan, as an RWA update.

I am trying to get all of weezers b-sides (singles, etc.), but they seem to be totally out of print. is there any way to get these? (besides mp3's and bootlegs)

A weezer fan has created an EXCELLENT website that he keeps updated, it lists where one can order such singles and actually have a good chance of getting them. Go to Making Noise and be enlightened!

March 2000

Is the band getting along alright? Are they still on good terms with each other?

Well, I'd say "yes". Pat and Mikey are hanging out on a daily basis, of course, and when we were doing the Special Goodness shows with the Space Twins, Brian, Pat, and Mikey were all stoked to be hanging out together. And my impression of everyone's relationship with Rivers is actually quite good- they just arent seeing much of him these days, and I suppose that's how its gonna be till Rivers is ready.

Is that comment on Amazon.com REALLY from Rivers?

Nope. Those "artist's comments" can easily be faked.

Whats going on with the fanclub's "weezer cover compilation vol. 2" contest?

I recieved an excellent but small selection of well done songs, and am looking into how to get a run of cassettes pressed up. However, I could definately use some more submissions, particularly in the "non-blue album" categories. Consider the deadline extended until further notice. (songs submitted must include a musical contribution from at least one fanclub member, past or present)

May 2000

I know Rivers wrote some articles for magazines, but I dont know which ones and what issues. Help me out so I can locate them.

Rivers has had 3 articles published that I know of . The first two were for Details magazine. "Life In The Fast Lane", published in the January 1995 issue (w/ Stephen Dorff on the cover), and "Road Worriers" , published in the April 1995 issue (with Trent Reznor on the cover). The third article appeared in an obscure Canadian magazine, but unfortunately i dont have any details.... I think it was '95 or '96, and i recall Rivers saying that he was very pleased with how it turned out, and that it was his favorite of the three....if any one knows anything about this Canadian article or has a copy of the magazine, pleaseemail karl with the info! thanks!!

Where could I get a video tape with all of weezer's music videos on it?

There is currently none available (except bootlegs taped off of MTV), but I expect that Interscope/Geffen will eventually release one, perhaps after the band makes a few more videos.

What kind of guitar/bass/drums/etc does/did Rivers/Matt/Mikey/Brian/Pat used/use during 1991/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/2000 during (insert tour/rehersal/recording session/etc here...)?

I get so many questions about all this stuff, It demands a page of its own! When I have time, i will post "The Weezer Equipment History"

On the acoustic version of Undone that is floating around Napster (the one from the Sonic Sessions), is that Matt talking in that weird voice about sweaters and how they murder and stuff?

No, that's Tim Levich, a very strange mad genius freind of Matt's. You can hear him saying "but mostly keep it alive" on the tail end of "The Cruise" on the Rentals "7 More Minutes", and see plenty of him in the documentary film "The Cruise", which is literally a real documentary about Tim. I think you can even rent it now.

Is there any way to contact members of weezer through e-mail?

Currently, No. Both Pat and Rivers are online but keep private accounts.

October 2000

Whats the word on the covers tape contest volume 2? Is it still going? Is it still limited to fanclub members?

The contest was originally intended to end by last winter, and tapes or cds were to have been made by this spring at the latest. Obviously the renewed weezer activity took me far from getting this project finished. in the meantime, i unofficially opened it up to non-fanclubbers, as so many people weren't able to join the club since early '99. So, technically its still happening, i made the deadline open ended because I still dont know when i'm gonna be able to tackle it. I've recieved a fairly small but very nice selection of entries this time around, and I welcome more from you. The only thing is that there is no guarentee when and even if this tape/CD will get made anytime in the near future. Of course I certainly hope it does!!!

...If you are still interested, send your tape or cd-r of the weezer song or songs youve recorded (in any style you want, the contest is for creativity , character, and quality, not "exact copies") to the address shown below

weezer fanclub
9311 S.E. Foster Road, #666
Portland OR 97266-4646

As far as what is elligible, you can choose anything you want, even including "side" bands' songs . However, the final product will likely be strictly weezer songs only. Also, As Volume 1 was heavy on the Blue album songs, I'm encouraging you to choose stuff from Pinkerton, especially the harder to play songs . (in other words, I've already gotten a ton of "why bother's", but hardly any "getchoos" or "good lifes" . But do whatever you want. if you really kick ass, how could i exclude it? And as for the "new" songs, you are free to tackle these if you want to, but realize that we dont even know whats going to end up on the new weezer cd yet, and if you tried a song that didnt make it, it wont be elligible for the covers tape/cd.

May I send a letter to the band? Where should I send something if I want Rivers/Pat/Mikey/Brian/Karl to get it for sure?

Even though it says its expired, the fanclub address inside of the Pinkerton CD booklet (and now, finally on the blue CD booklet) is still good. it is:

weezer fanclub
9311 S.E. Foster Road, #666
Portland OR 97266-4646

...if you want your letter to go to a specific person in the band or me, add this: (example: Rivers)

weezer fanclub
9311 S.E. Foster Road, #666
Portland OR 97266-4646

...it might seem crazy, but we will get this mail. As for email, only I have a public email address.

UPDATED: OCT '00: Hey, for more good F.A.Q.'s with my own answers, click below:

Thanks to Neil over at his "the Smack" site, a bunch of questions that I answered while posting on the weezer newsgroup (alt.music.weezer) back in '99 have been preserved for all to check out. click here (revised link)to fly over and read them...Neil also has a neat database of info up about the new songs from this summer and other stuff thats good weezer readin'. So go tickle his web traffic counter already.