Weezer.net interview with Mikey Welsh and Pat Wilson - Summer 1998

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We asked Pat & Mikey from Weezer to give the inside scoop on what was up with them. The interviews were conducted in summer of 1998. Here's what we got back. We hope you find them entertaining.

29 Questions with Mikey Welsh

RWA: Is your birth name Mikey or did it just catch on?

Mikey: No, um...my birth name is Michael. It just caught on. It's catchy.

RWA: How was it playing for a solo artist and not really being recognized as part of a band but part of HER band?

Mikey: I'm obviously much happier being in Weezer which is a real band. But as far as playing with Julianna I did my own thing anyway and wasn't self conscious about anything.

RWA: What kind of instruments do you play?

Mikey: Black ones.

RWA: How many tattoos do you have? What are they? Which was your first?

Mikey: A lot. Tattoos. The one on the inside of my right forearm.

RWA: Any plans to tattoo the other Weezers while they sleep and/or after you have drugged them?

Mikey: Yes.

RWA: What kind of bass and bass amp do you have?

Mikey: Black bass. Big amp.

RWA: Nerd glasses or sunglasses?

Mikey: Wine glasses.

RWA: Leather, vinyl, demin, or cotton?

Mikey: Breathable fibers.

RWA: Metal or pop?

Mikey: I just found out about this new thing called "grunge".

RWA: New York, Chicago, Seattle, or Los Angeles?

Mikey: NY.

RWA: Favorite bands (name them).

Mikey: Goat Punishment, Fried Air, and Southern Fried Swing.

RWA: Favorite Weezer song (not counting songs to be on the next record)?

Mikey: Getchoo.

RWA: How many Weezers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Mikey: What is the sound of one hand clapping?

RWA: How many people did you beat out for the position of bassist in Weezer? How did you get in?

Mikey: 349...I baked a pie and planted some corn and Indian leg wrestled Duff Mckagan (from GnR).

RWA: What albums would you take to a desert island?

Mikey: The Best of Chet Baker Sings and Slint - Spiderland and all the other CDs ever made.

RWA: Favorite pickup line?

Mikey: "Do you have a mirror in your ass?" "Why?" "Cuz I can see myself in your pants."

RWA: What's your take on this whole "Weezer" thing?

Mikey: It totally sucks and is a big bummer.

RWA: Do you write songs or have any other bands (this is a recurring theme in Weezer)?

Mikey: Absolutely not.

RWA: Have you done tours? What do you think of them?

Mikey: I've done many tours since I was 19. I love touring.

RWA: Favorite Star Wars figure?

Mikey: Boba Fett.

RWA: Were you a Weezer fan prior to joining up?

Mikey: Yes.

RWA: How far along are you in learning the bands songs (which ones)? Do you think the band is working under a newer vibe with you? Do you have input on the songs & such?

Mikey: I know all the old songs. According to Pat the band has a newer and better vibe. Yes, we all do.

RWA: Anything you would like to mention to Weezer fanclubbers/online fans etc.?

Mikey: Here: have you ever heard The Bevis Frond?

RWA: Which actor/actress would play you in Weezer: The Movie?

Mikey: Valerie Bertinelli.

RWA: Favorite Michael Jackson song?

Mikey: "Rock with You."

RWA: Did you ever have a crush on Princess Leia? Or do you still...?

Mikey: Yes.

RWA: What is your beer of choice? (Or any other beverage.)

Mikey: Newcastle Brown Ale.

RWA: You are stranded on a deserted island with no food along with Pat, Rivers, and Brian. Who would you eat first, and why?

Mikey: I'd save pat for the end for the good conversation.

RWA: General bio questions: Where born, where schooled etc...?

Mikey: Born in Syracuse, NY. The school of hard knocks.

31 Earthshaking Questions with Patrick Wilson

RWA: Where and when were you born?

Pat: Buffalo, NY - Feb. 1, 1969.

RWA: What were you like in high school? Metalhead?

Pat: Troublemaker. Smart ass. Occasionally funny.

RWA: Favorite food?

Pat: Blimpie VegiMax.

RWA: What other bands have you played in..during high school..whenever...?

Pat: A band called Bush, a band called 60 Wrong Sausages, and a band called Fuzz.

RWA: Which instruments do you know how to play, and which one do you consider your best..or you enjoy playing the most?

Pat: I know how to play drums, bass, and guitar. I like the guitar, even though the potential for evil is the greatest.

RWA: Which bands influenced you most when you were younger?

Pat: Van Halen, Devo, Led Zeppelin.

RWA: What are you currently listening to?

Pat: Talk Talk, classical, jazz.

RWA: which bands have had an influence on your music for The Special Goodness?

Pat: The Smiths, the Minutemen, Cardinal.

RWA: Overall, what do you think of living on a bus while you are touring? Do you despise it, enjoy it, or accept it as part of your occupation?

Pat: I love it. Try living in a van instead.

RWA: What's the strangest thing that has happened to you while on stage?

Pat: Purposely playing bad in Japan with Matt and people still clapping.

RWA: Jow do you think Geffen has treated the band so far?

Pat: Fairly.

RWA: Do you think/hope that there will be more cooperation in the writing of the next Weezer album?

Pat: Well, usually the guy who sings is the guy who writes, so I don't anticipate anyone but Rivers singing their songs.

RWA: Do you wish that Weezer was able to work together for a greater portion of the year, or are you happy with all the extra time you have to pursue other projects?

Pat: Currently, I am enjoying concentrating on The Special Goodness.

RWA: How do you think videos affect the interpretation of your songs? For example, a listener can hear a song like "Buddy Holly" and have it have a personal meaning. But once they see a video, especially such a popular one (like Buddy Holly), they can't help but think of Happy Days and the video.

Pat: Well, as i understand it, the elements of something you create are form, content and context. The characteristics and importance of all of these are endlessly debated so I guess you ultimately take away what you want to from something. Videos take away some mystery but also may enrich the idea of what the band is about. I suppose if you remember more about the feeling of the video for "Buddy Holly" than the recording itself, then perhaps you were sold more on Spike's idea of the song than Rivers' idea.

RWA: When you guys make a video, are you trying for a visual representation of the song, or are you just finding a fun way to present the song?

Pat: I'm trying to not be embarrassed of the final product.

RWA: Do you think we'll ever see Puff Daddy in a future Weezer video, or perhaps even as the producer of the next album?

Pat: I think it's more likely that we will produce his record.

RWA: Do you have any hobbies you take part in whenever you are at home?

Pat: Yes.

RWA: Star Wars, Star Trek or Babylon 5?

Pat: Star Trek. I am so against Star Wars now cause Matt and Rivers romanticized it so much. And also cause it got so bad towards the end there.

RWA: Who is your favorite Star Wars character, and which one do you most remind others of?

Pat: I like Han Solo, but because I am so wise and noble I remind people of Obi-Wan.

RWA: In your younger, single days, did you have a crush on Princess Leia?

Pat: No, but she was kind of sexy serving up those cocktails on Jabba's cruiser.

RWA: What character have you been cast as in the upcoming prequels?

Pat: The fabled horn maker Blint from Planet Fronstigik.

RWA: What did you think about the special editions?

Pat: Shameless, successful, irritating. Unimpressive digital editing.

RWA: When the Mt. Fuji festival got canceled, how did you spend your spare time? I've read stories of other bands having water gun fights at the hotel and stuff like that...what did you do?

Pat: Matt, Karl and I went to the 7-Eleven and bought fireworks and set them off behind the hotel.

RWA: If you don't think this is too personal, how did you meet Jen?

Pat: On a blind date.

RWA: You have a bucket of macaroni, a toothbrush, 3 Pogs, a CD (of your choosing), and a hypodermic needle. What do you do with them?

Pat: I juggle them while singing Fiona Apple songs.

RWA: What is your favorite "rock star sin" (alcohol, drugs, women etc...)?

Pat: Self loathing.

RWA: Favorite Michael Jackson song?

Pat: Anything from Off the Wall.

RWA: Were you shocked to find out Liberace was gay?

Pat: Who's Liberace?

RWA: What is your stance on aggression... like... are you a pacifist and couldn't care less about what the government does, or are you concerned about the safety of the American people?

Pat: I have an aggressive stance on aggression. It calls for an aggressive aggressiveness when dealing with aggression.

RWA: Better show: Full House or Family Matters?

Pat: Tie for last.

RWA: does the 'special goodness' stand for what I think it does?

Pat: Of course. But only to you.