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This page is for the Weezer fan community. For the official fan club, see Weezer Fan Club.
The current Weezer Club banner as of 2020.

Weezer Club (formerly Army Of Babies) was a Weezer fansite created in December 2018 in response to issues that forum users had with moderation on AllThingsWeezer.


Created in December of 2018, the forum was created by AllThingsWeezer users I Be Crunk and Ressie as an alternative to the AllThingsWeezer forum. In September 2019, the website's name was changed to Weezer Club in hopes of making the website more accessible to other fans of the band. Two months later in December 2019, the website overwent a complete overhaul, with a new banner and new features, including AJAX chat. Around this same time, I Be Crunk handed over ownership of the website to user Sometimesrock. As of February 2020, the website had over 500 individual users and over 200,000 messages posted. In May of 2020, Seth and admin Sometimesrock were made moderators of the AllThingsWeezer forums and the Weezer Club forums were subsequently shuttered.

In May 2020, the website was effectively replaced by Strange And Distant Land, which was itself shuttered three months later.

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