Weezer concert: 06/29/2001

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Weezer concert: 06/29/2001
Tour Euro Freak Out Tour
Venue Razzamatazz
Location Barcelona, Spain
Date June 29, 2001
Associated album Weezer (The Green Album)
Weezer live show chronology
06/28/2001 - Madrid, Spain 06/29/2001 - Barcelona, Spain 07/01/2001 - Werchter, Belgium

Weezer performed at the Razzamatazz in Barcelona, Spain on June 29, 2001 as part of the Euro Freak Out Tour.


No. Song
1 "Burndt Jamb  
2 "Photograph  
3 "Zep Jamb  
4 "Island in the Sun  
5 "High Up Above  
6 "Crab  
7 "Listen Up  
8 "Knock-down Drag-out  
9 "Keep Fishin'  
10 "Don't Let Go  
11 "December  
12 "Hash Pipe  
13 "Tired of Sex  
14 "Undone - The Sweater Song  
15 "Buddy Holly  
No. Song
16 "Say It Ain't So  
17 "Surf Wax America  

Karl's Corner

See Karl's Corner - 06/29/2001
...after a 5 year absence, the weez returned to this wild little town on the sea to offer a night of rock once again. While rambling near the Ramblas that afternoon, Mikey and I were stopped by a group of American fans who had altered their European travel plans to make it to the show. Actually it seems that at most of these shows, several Americans always seem to turn up, as well as some people from distant parts of Europe. All these weez-pilgramages just seem to underscore the band's need to tour everywhere more often, because there seem to be a lot of fans all over the place!

- Karl Koch


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