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Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell: If a page has too few pages that link to it, that is a bad thing!

An orphan is defined as "a page with few or no links from other pages." These pages can still be found by searching Weezerpedia, but it is preferable that they can also be reachable by links from related pages; it is therefore helpful to 'adopt' a page by adding links from other suitable pages. De-orphaning articles is an important aspect of building our encyclopedia.

What is the problem with an orphaned article?

Orphaned articles, since they have few links to them from other pages, are difficult to find, and are most likely to be found only by chance. Because of this, few people know they exist, and therefore, they get less readership and improvement from those who would be able to improve them.

In particular, if the topic is more obscure, this may make it difficult for many to locate. If not for links to a page, the only way such an article can be found is by a person who knows the topic entering it into Weezerpedia or doing a web search, browsing a category in which it is contained, looking at the edit history of a contributor to the page, or having it show up as a random article.


An article is orphaned if fewer than three other articles link to it. However, this is a strict definition of the term and there is still discussion regarding whether to have a more relaxed definition in order to clear the backlog of orphans. Currently our priority is to focus on orphans with NO incoming links at all, but feel free to make a move. Add the {{orphan}} tag to a page that you feel has insufficient internal links.

What to do

If you've decided to make a move about an orphaned page, do any of the following:

  • Check the What links here link if you think you have happened upon a page with few links to it. This can be found under the navigation bar in the section named "toolbox."
    • If it needs more links, add the orphan template to the top of the page: {{orphan}}.

  • If you want to add more incoming links to a page that is already an orphan, search for keywords that pertain to page.
    • Then, link to the page by editing the applicable pages you find.

What not to do

  • Unnecessarily and excessively link to an article. Only pertinent, important links should be made.
  • Create pages simply to link to your original page. If you create a page and fill it with information in addition to linking to your original page, that is great! You've made a great move.

See also

Much of this text is lifted from a Wikipedia page of the same nature. For the authors of that text, see here.