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  • Make sure lyrics on all song pages are correct. Some users have posted copied incorrect lyrics from other websites.
  • Add lyrics to the pages that need them.
  • Add more content to Short Pages.
  • Create an equipment page for each band member, past and present.
  • Add the Rivers' bus crash story to the date pages.
  • Standardize the content of song pages.
  • Make pages for all professional song and album reviews that pertain to the site.
  • Fill out the Weezerpedia:Contents page well, so users can easily browse the site.
  • Fill out the Galleries better, make the main gallery more navigable.
  • Put an infobox on every page that calls for one. These artist pages, song pages, and album pages currently lack them.
  • Place a great emphasis on Categories. Make sure no page is un-categorized.
  • Work on Wanted Pages and when a new page is created from this list, be sure each article that should be linked to it is.
  • Documentation for Aboutme:Bio and Aboutme:Friends.
  • Place the edit link template in other appropriate templates (cleanup, expand, formatting, and possibly others).
  • Make a timeline of appearances page for every band member. Beef and update Rivers'.
  • Make song pages for all the Karlophone, AM Radio, and The Rentals songs that don't have them yet.

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For more Weezerpedia projects, see Weezerpedia administrator MyNameIsJason's user page. He has a fairly substantive to-do list set up there.