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Weezify is an audio streaming website and mobile app (for iOS and Android) created by Rivers Cuomo in 2021. Weezify allows users to stream demos previously purchased through the "Market" (demo storefront) on riverscuomo.com or purchase them in-app. The app also permits the streaming of music created by users of Cuomo's official Discord server.

App Store description

Hi, I'm Rivers Cuomo. Weezify is a a Spotify-like player for all of my demos (1975-2017). There are close to 3500 of them. You can follow curated playlists. You can create and share playlists of your own. You can even add your own demos. I made this app myself. It took me all of 2021 to make. I'm still tweaking it. I hope you enjoy it.

Rivers Cuomo, Apple App Store

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