Historic event: 12/02/1992

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weezer show #34: English Acid, Hollywood

English Acid was a weekly club within a club, at a location on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood that [I believe] has since been closed up]. Its reputation was a little seamier and weirder than the average club, with the decor on the 'burlesque' side. But there were many rocking shows there.

This show was headlined by Thelonius Monster, who at the time were doing pretty well, with their "Try" [?] video on 120 Minutes, so it was kind of a "score!" gig for weezer. Unfortunately weezer had to play before the other opener, the Tolkien/Sabbath-esque Wood And Smoke. The notes for this show only say "equipment failures, but the crowd was still stoked." Considering the state of weezer's equipment at this point in time, this note isnt too suprising.

Setlist: unknown

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