Karl's Corner - 05/14/2000

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Hello- below you will find the links to the last 2 pages of the Weezer recording history, taking us right... up... to... NOW!... At last! *whew!* Now, of course , comes the part where you guys spot errors or stuff I forgot, and send me emails so I can keep it maintained...

Special "short notice" announcement: The Special Goodness will be playing a show, once again at the Viper Room, in LA, this coming thursday the 18th of May. Come and partake in the rock if you can... Sorry once more for the strict 21+ policy at the door, Pat promises to do all ages SG shows in SoCal as soon as possible.

Also, I can confirm that some weezer "warm-up" dates (pre-Japan) are being discussed. Everyone involved wants to do them, and the plans are underway. When the details are available, the news will hit the main RWA page...

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