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Header of the Super-Chrono on
Header of the Super-Chrono on

Super-Chrono is the name of an extensively detailed chronology of Weezer's band history and a collection of current updates written by Karl Koch. Its first incarnation, simply titled "Chronology", was made available on in late 1998. In 2002 the old "Chronology" was completely redesigned, updated and finally retitled "Super-Chrono" for a new release on the band's official website From then until 2005, when transferred to Geffen's servers and the Make Believe era design, the Super-Chrono was accessible via the info section of the site.

Screenshot of the original "Chronology", 1998
Screenshot of the original "Chronology", 1998
Screenshot of the "Super-Chrono", 2002
Screenshot of the "Super-Chrono", 2002
Screenshot of the "Super-Chrono", 2003
Screenshot of the "Super-Chrono", 2003


These pages are an attempt to mirror the original Super-Chrono, as it was presented on up until 2005, as closely as possible. Additions and/or corrections have and will be made though.

  • 1965-1990: Ancient history
  • 1991: Pre-Weezer
  • 1992: Birth and growing pains, local shows
  • 1993: More L.A. shows, making Blue Album
  • 1994: Release of Blue Album, real touring!
  • 1995: More touring, videos, success
  • 1996: Recording + release of Pinkerton, touring
  • 1997: More touring, tragedy strikes, R.C. solo
  • 1998: Rehearsals, Goat Punishment
  • 1999: Quiet year, solo activity
  • 2000: Back on the scene!
  • 2001: Recording/release of Green Album, touring
  • 2002: Recording/release of Maladroit, touring
  • 2003: Writing/rehearsing; acoustic sessions
  • 2004: Release of Blue Deluxe & VCD DVD; Make Believe rec. sessions


These pages are an attempted continuation of the original Super-Chrono.

  • 2005: Release of Make Believe; Foozer Tour
  • 2006: Hiatus for weddings and etc.
  • 2007: Recording sessions for Red Album; Alone I released
  • 2008: Red Album released; Hootenanny Tours; rec. sessions for Raditude
  • 2009: Recording and Release of Raditude; touring. Alone II released
  • 2010: Recording and release of Hurley; DTFM + Pinkerton Deluxe released; touring incl Memories
  • 2011: Touring including Memories. Pinkerton Diaries/Alone III released.
  • 2012: Weezer Cruise,
  • 2013:
  • 2014:
  • 2015:
  • 2016:
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