2001 Studio Demos

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2001 Studio Demos
2001 Studio Demos cover
Unofficial bootleg by Weezer
Released Unknown
Recorded Various
Label Unknown

2001 Studio Demos is an unofficial CD released by an unknown label at some point during or after 2001. The tracklist includes 12 Maladroit and Green demos recorded throughout 2001, some of which made it onto official releases (Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix) on the UK Hash Pipe Single, as well as Burndt Jamb, American Gigolo, Keep Fishin', December, and Take Control on Maladroit). Many of the demos are listed as coming from the DC Demos and the 2001 BBC Sessions. The packaging contains various incorrect or misspelled demo/song titles and does not have any discernable branding, such as a label, a catalog number, or copyright information.


  1. "Burnt Jamb"
  2. "Hash Pipe (Ravin vs. Fludd Remix)"
  3. "Listen Up"
  4. "American Gigolo"
  5. "High Up Above"
  6. "Keep Fishin'"
  7. "Zep Song (Not In Love)"
  8. "December"
  9. "Take Control"
  10. "Saturday Night"
  11. "Hash Pipe (Jimmy Pop Remix)"
  12. "Puerta Vajarta"



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