A Final Tear of Red

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"A Final Tear of Red"
Demo by Jason Cropper
Recorded Spring 1993
Writer(s) Jason Cropper, Rivers Cuomo
RC# 160
Status Unreleased
Rivers Cuomo song chronology
"Can't Keep My Hands Off You"
(RC# 159)
"A Final Tear of Red"
(RC# 160)
(RC# 161)

"A Final Tear of Red" is a song written by Jason Cropper and Rivers Cuomo.


'a final tear of red' was a co-write of Jason and Rivers, i remember hearing it at the Amherst House right after they finished the recording (mid 1992?). As I recall, Jason did the music and then Rivers did the vocal melodies and lyrics. The subject matter seemed very harsh/dark: an unfortunate/unavoidable abortion (though i must say thats totally speculation on my part based on what i thought the lyrics were at the time). This recording was apparently purged soon thereafter, I remember asking to hear it and got nowhere. I think Rivers changed his mind about collaborating with Jason (within weezer anyway) and/or decided the lyrics were way too personal/dark (again, i speculate based on the vibes i felt at the time). ...A few years later (post Blue album/Jason leaving weezer) at one of the first Chopper One shows, (Alligator Lounge in LA), Jason played the same song, only with his own new vocal melodies and lyrics over the same music. The only lyric i can recall is "feel it(?) in my bones", and it was not at all about the original (Rivers penned) subject matter anymore.

Karl Koch, Weezerpedia Discord Q&A, July 16, 2022

Jason Cropper wrote the music and Rivers Cuomo contributed lyrics to "A Final Tear of Red." The song was recorded to 8-track in spring of 1993, though no mix with vocals exists.[1] The song has been purported to have later become an early Chopper One song,[1] though Cropper has since disputed this.[citation needed]

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