A Letter from Matt: January 1, 2003

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Originally posted on MattSharp.net.

A note to my friends.

January 1 2003

A year ago today some friends of mine and I sat in an Indian restaurant in Manhattan and talked about our hopes and resolutions for 2002.

At the begging of every year there usually a million things you'd like to get done, but that day was different for me. I had one solitary goal, to come out of the cave and face the world again, to stand up and perform as much aspossible no matter what the circumstance, if the new record was released or not, if I was accompanied by friends or on mine own, none of that was important. The only thing was to get back out there with all of you and let you know where I'm at right now. No more hiding behind the facade.

Now, I knew the year was going to be a little rusty, rough on the edges and a work in progress. Even by the time Josh, Greg and I hit the road we were still working it out on stage every night, it was almost like a rehearsal with a live audience, instead of a proper concert. Each show we tried a different approach. Some nights we fell apart musically and some nights were truly magical. It was only by the last couple of shows that the three of us performed together where we felt like we collectively had a grip on what we were trying to do. It all really peaked for us at the University of Washington in Seattle that was just one of those evenings where everything just came together and nothing could go wrong. There were other good nights, but that one will always be with me.

No matter how inconsistent we were there was always one constant and that was all of you. It was such a beautiful thing to meet such bright people each night that are into the same kind of things we're into. People that didn't want relive 1995, but were willing to have the patience to come along on the journey as we all tried to find our way. Now, I'm sure we disappointed or pissed off a few people along the way, but honestly if we didn't do that I tell I'd be the one that was disappointed. The new record will be a even more challenging sonic departure for us, but from the people I've met and the music they've turned us onto, I'm not worried a bit, I can't wait to get it into your ears.

Well, the one thing I set out to do in 2002 far exceeded my expectations. Now it's 2003 and once again I have many things I want to do, but I only have one resolution. 2003 for me is about making a lot more new music available to those who wish to hear it, not only my solo records, but also the music of Josh Hager including the ambient music you may remember from the last tour and possibly some solo work from Greg Brown. We're planning on releasing the solo debut and other music we recorded in Leipers Fork around March. Miss Maya and I are planning on recording a 7" together sometime in late January including a cover of the Tegan & Sara song "not tonight" which we performed at the Ramos benefit show, plus a new tune. I've been talking with our kid Tim from Ash about doing a single together sometime soon, maybe more rock-ish thing, I don't know. Recently, those guys got me plastered and threw me into a movie they're making. I play GOD, but it'sdone kind of as if god was a flamboyant gay Australian wardrobe stylist. I may be a mess, but they showed me some of the scenes starring Chris from Coldplay and he's friggin' hilarious. Lots of unreleased Rentals music will mostly likely continue to surface a well. Besides that, Greg and I have just started to work through the new ideas for future records and it's seems like it will our best stuff yet.

Oh yeah and in the midst of all that we're going to try and stay on the road as much as possible, so we stay in touch with you as much as possible.

It's time to go, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone of you, wish you all

the best and happy new year.

much love,