Albumsix Sings Disney Classics

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Albumsix Sings Disney Classics
Albumsix Sings Disney Classics cover
Studio album by Albumsix
Released September 15, 2009
Recorded Various
Albumsix chronology
Albumsix Presents: WAAOWAAOD: Selections from the Scruggs Songbook
Albumsix Sings Disney Classics
(2009) Sings Weezer Vol. 3

Albumsix Sings Disney Classics.... is a tribute album by members of the Allthingsweezer forum. It was organized by boardie Kid Idioteque and released on September 15, 2009. The album art was done by user DoritoDonkeyRevisited.


  1. Under The Sea - caseclosed
  2. I Wanna Be Like You - jlaix
  3. Colors of the Wind - Kid Idioteque
  4. Darkwing Duck Theme - bastialmostgold
  5. Good Company - WeezerRC(Squeegee)
  6. Winnie The Pooh - OnlyinPinkerton
  7. Alla Snubbar Vill Ju Vara Katt (Everybody Wants To Be A Cat) - maltjik
  8. I Will Go Sailing No More - WAAOD
  9. The Bear Necessities (Retards Playground Arrangement) - DoritoDonkeyRevisited
  10. Yo Ho, Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) - Kid Idioteque

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