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Weezer to me is more than a band. And Mikey you'll always be more than just a bassist, more than just an artist, more than just another human. Keep on keeping on. ~~ Luke N. Wheeler

RIP Mikey. Your time with Weezer will never be forgotten. My thoughts and sympathies go out to your friends, family, and all of the Weezer Family. ~~Brett Hurley

RIP Mikey. I was one of the kids that got into Weezer during their second go-around of popularity with The Green Album. I loved your sense of humor and stage presence. I'm really happy to say that I merely had the chance to sing along to Undone at Jones Beach while you were given a guitar and brought out on stage at the enchore. ~~Kyle C

RIP <3 you'll be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out ot his family and friends.

Sad to see you go. Sleep tight. /Jonas malthik Hansson

I can't believe you're gone. I'll never forget the crazy stories you shared with us on Facebook.~~Connor D

Sleep well Mikey, I always think of the Green Album as my favorite Weezer record. Wouldn't have been the same wihtout you. I also digged your artwork when I'd see it. God bless man. ~~ Lukas

RIP Mikey Welsh. You'll always be remembered here in the world of Weezer. Thanks so much for everything you did with the band. God bless the Welsh family. ~~JordanBlake

R.I.P. Mikey, you were such a talented bass player and artist and you had such a beautiful soul! I broke out the green album last night and listened to it in your honor. =w= ~Melissa Miller~

I'm so sad about the news. You had great talent and you will be missed. ~~Stefanie

Just so Mikey's friends and family know, most fans are leaving notes and thoughts at the ATW forum. See these threads:


This news breaks my heart. The ride he took all of us on was a gift. Godspeed, Mikey.

RIP MIKEY WELSH. the reason i played the bass was cause i wanted to learn how to play hash pipe and it was my first song i learnt and teach others today. you will always live on Jake Aspey ~~

BEST WISHES FROM COSMIC MATRIX. good luck and god bless beautiful spirit MIKEY. i will do my best to help those left behind. your spirit lives on.

Oh, Mikey. Thank you for the smiles. Our conversations meant so much to me. I'll miss you endlessly. ~~ Sara

Mikey, you were a great guy, and a damn good bassist. The Green Album was always one of my favorites, and I'm so glad you got to leave your mark on an album that means that much to me. Rest in peace, bro. ~~Brian

Prayers for your friends, family and the Weezer crew. I hope you are rocking out in a better place now. The Green album was one of my favorites. I am so sorry I couldn't meet you in Chicago. Love you Mikey; you will be missed. Thank you for your willingness to create, in whatever form it took. God bless. ~~Max M.

Mikey, thanks for adding more music to the world. You can never have too much. ~~ T.J.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. I fell in love with Weezer for the first time when I listened to Green Album. ~~ Al-Amri Arif Sandy

Mikey, thank you for being a great bass player, artist, and for humoring me with your hilarious interviews with Pat. Rest in peace on your island in the sun. ~~David S.

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