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Pat I'm so cool.jpg Do you need help?
If you are in need of assistance with any aspect of Weezerpedia, the best way to get questions answered is to join our Discord server! Here's an invite link:

If you really don't want to join, you can reach out to one of Weezerpedia's administrators. Choose who you would like to help you from that list, and leave a message on their talk page with questions.

Weezerpedia Projects are community efforts to improve and add new features to Weezerpedia.


About me
Icon - Blue Album.png My favorite Weezer album is The Blue Album.
See [[Main article: Weezerpedia:Aboutme]]

Aboutme is a collection boxes which users can apply to their user pages and personalize their Weezerpedia environment.

Lyric Project

Jamie handwritten.jpg
See [[Main article: Weezerpedia:Lyric Project]]

The Weezerpedia Lyric Project is a Weezerpedia Project that is documenting your favorite song lyrics and what time they appear in the song.

Article Attack!

Icon - Spike ball.jpg
See [[Main article: Weezerpedia:Article Attack]]

An Article Attack is when we choose a single article and all work on it until it's at a high standard and beefed with content.

We are currently attacking: The Rentals

Weezerpedia logos

Icon - Blank Weezerpedia Template.png
See [[Main article: Weezerpedia:Logo gallery]]

Create your own Weezerpedia logo and submit it to the the Weezerpedia logo gallery for others to see. If you make something cool enough we might use it as the site's logo for a day, to celebrate a day in Weezer history, e.g. the release of The Blue Album on May 10; kind of like how Google changes their logo on holidays.

Weezer trivia

Weezerpedia Trivia
See [[Main article: Weezerpedia:Trivia]]

A list of Weezer facts and trivia.

Spoken articles

Weezerpedia Spoken Articles
See [[Main article: Weezerpedia:Spoken articles]]

Spoken articles are recordings of Weezerpedia articles being read aloud.


See [[Main article: Weezerpedia:Numbers]]

Numbers is Weezerpedia's human branding system.

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1


See [[Main article: Weezerpedia:Drafts]]

If your working on small 'in-progress' projects and need a place to save it before it's done or you need to save something that doesn't belong anywhere else, you can add it on the Weezerpedia Drafts page. You may also want to check out Weezerpedia:The Sandbox which is a page where you can test features and code.

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