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A list of Weezer facts and trivia.

  • Although the lyrics of "Freak Me Out" sound as if they are written about an incident where Rivers Cuomo was startled, Brian Bell has revealed that the song is actually about a spider.
  • "Jimmy" in the song "Say It Ain't So" refers to Rivers Cuomo's brother, Leaves Cuomo.
  • The famous Flying =W= was designed by Patrick Wilson during the making of Weezer's third demo, when he and Karl Koch were 'drawing' by dispersing fuzz that had collected on the studio walls. They found it amusing, and Karl reproduced the logo onto the back of Rivers Cuomo's jacket using the engineer's labeling tape. Supposedly, Cuomo wore it around LA until the tape fell off. It is a simultaneous homage and spoof of Van Halen's classic logo, which featured 'wings' protruding from the band's initials "VH."
  • Rivers Cuomo was very athletic in his youth. However, he had a rare case of "congenital femur 'something or other'" as Beverly Shoenberger, Cuomo's mother, phrased it in a letter to family and friends. The condition would worsen as he got older and his desire to be an athlete soon faded as his leg grew worse. As a result Cuomo decided to be a rock star.
  • Rivers Cuomo does not have a middle name.
  • The background noises at the beginning of the 5th song on Pinkerton, Across the Sea, are in fact Karl Koch eating a bag of potato chips.
  • The vocal sections of Undone (The Sweater Song) are performed by Matt Sharp, Karl Koch, and Mykel Allan.
  • Weezer bassist Scott Shriner was a member of Vanilla Ice's backing band for a period of time.
  • Weezer bassist Shriner was a member of the Marines for 2 years.
  • Josh Freese has been touring with Weezer recently as a drummer, and he appears on several Raditude songs. Freese's brother, Jason Freese, provided the saxophone on Make Believe's "The Other Way."
  • Only two of the four founding members of Weezer remain in the band today: Patrick Wilson and Rivers Cuomo. Brian Bell was asked to join the band during the recording of their debut album, and his opinions on Star Wars were considered before he was allowed to join.
  • Scott Shriner wrote the hidden intro track on The Lion and the Witch. It is titled "Polynesia."
  • Members of the popular rock band The All-American Rejects helped write Raditude's "Put Me Back Together."
  • The song "Freak Me Out" has never been performed live.
  • Weezer has won one Grammy in their career, and it was for the "Pork and Beans" music video.
  • The word "no" cryptically appears in the packaging for The Green Album. The band has yet to explain the meaning of this message.
  • A map of the fictional "Weezerland" appears beneath the tray of every Pinkerton CD.
  • Rolling Stone magazine named Pinkerton the second worst album of 1996.

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