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There are two ways to look things up in Weezerpedia: by searching or by browsing. If you know the name of an article you are looking for, simply type it into Weezerpedia's search box and press Go, or you can search for information on a topic by typing it in the box and selecting Search. If you would like to look around the encyclopedia to see what is on it, use Weezerpedia's Contents pages. Links to all of Weezerpedia's main contents pages are presented below, and they in turn link to the more specific pages.

Weezerpedia's reference lists

Featured content

Featured content represents the best Weezerpedia has to offer, and undergoes vigorous peer review.

Band members

Weezerpedia includes in depth articles on all of Weezer's present and former members as well as members from related projects.


Weezerpedia includes in depth articles on all of Weezer's albums, along with albums from related projects.

Songs and lyrics

Weezerpedia includes in depth articles on all of Weezer songs, along with songs from related projects. Every song page includes a section with lyrics.

  • List of Weezer songs — a list documenting every Weezer song recorded, including: song name, author, date recorded, ablum, running time, and producer.
  • Category:Weezer songs — a list of Weezer songs arranged alphabetically.

Interview transcripts

Weezerpedia contains a large collection of interview transcripts.



Weezerpedia has a large collection of images organized into a series of galleries including: band members, album artwork, etc.

  • Gallery — The highest level of the gallery hierarchy. This page links to every gallery on Weezerpedia, and they in turn link to every image.


This is, after all, an entire wiki dedicated to a nerdy band from the 90's. There's gonna be some nerdy shit:


Weezerpedia's lists represent some of the finest curatorial work that our editors do.

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