interview with Pat Wilson - May 2005

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Weezer is ready to reclaim the world with their new album, "Make Believe." Overtaking an entire planet is hard work, but luckily ARTISTdirect was able to snag a few minutes with Weezer’s drummer and backbone, Pat Wilson.

We played "Either/Or" with him and even convinced him to tell us what he’d order at Wendy's!

ArtistDirect: Soup or salad?

Pat: Soup.

AD: Marvel or D.C.?

Pat: Marvel.

AD: Lennon or McCartney?

Pat: Lennon.

AD: Lou Barlow or J. Mascis?

Pat: Mascis.

AD: Kiss or Cheap Trick?

Pat: Cheap Trick.

AD: Devo or The Knack?

Pat: Devo.

AD: Blue Album or Green Album?

Pat: Blue.

AD: West Coast or East Coast?

Pat: West.

AD: Drive or fly?

Pat: Fly.

AD: Touring or recording?

Pat: Touring!

AD: What's on your iPod right now?

Pat: Everything from Beethoven to Gary Numan to Talk Talk to Queens of the Stone Age.

AD: Who's your favorite Simpsons character?

Pat: Ralph.

AD: Seen any good movies lately?

Pat: Yes.

AD: You're starving and are forced to eat at Wendy's. What do you order?

Pat: Big Classic!

AD: How do you keep yourselves entertained while on the road?

Pat: We are permanently and automatically entertained.

AD: What are some of your influences that people usually don't pick up on?

Pat: Cacophony, Bulgarian Women's Choir.

AD: If the label told you, "Weezer needs a tagline!"...what would it be?

Pat: Funny that they would say that.

AD: If you weren't Weezer, what would you guys be doing?

Pat: Music.

AD: Where do you see yourselves in five years?

Pat: Atop Denali, having a snack.

AD: Why should I hire you?

Pat: You are not going to hire me because I wouldn’t work for you!