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A few days before Weezer started their World Domination Tour, they recorded four songs for the famous BBC Evening Sessions at the BBC Radio 1 Studios in London.


Surf Wax America
No One Else
My Name Is Jonas
In the Garage

According to Rivers Cuomo's Catalog of Riffs, at this day Weezer also played two acoustic songs for Greater London Radio (Now BBC Radio London).


The 2001 BBC Sessions were songs recorded for Radio 1 show The Evening Session, presented by Steve Lamacq on June 13th, 2001. Normally, a group records four tracks from their albums (usually the most recent), but Weezer insisted on taping all new material, and twice as much as required! Four songs were completed and aired on BBC radio, with the remaining four to be finished up in Los Angeles during a July 9th session. "December" was later released as a free mp3 at the band's official site, and the four broadcast tracks were bootlegged and widely available. Most of these tracks were originally recorded during the May 27th DC Demos, and four of them eventually were released on the following year's Maladroit.

*these tracks were not broadcast, and later finished in LA on July 9th


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