Black Sabbath

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Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath's Classic lineup, left to right:
Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Iomi, Bill Ward
Background information
Alias Heaven and Hell
Origin Birmingham, England
Years active 1968–2006
Genre(s) Heavy Metal
Label(s) Vertigo (1969-1988)
Warner Bros (1969-1988)
I.R.S (1988-2002)
Sanctuary (2002-2017)
Former Members
Tony Iommi
Bill Ward
Geezer Butler
Ozzy Osbourne
Dave Walker
Ronnie James Dio
Geoff Nicholls
Craig Gruber
Vinny Appice
Ian Gillan
Bev Bevan
Ron Keel
David Donato
Eric Singer
Jeff Fenholt
Gordon Copley
Dave Spitz
Glenn Hughes
Ray Gillen
Bob Daisley
Tony Martin
Terry Chimes
Jo Burt
Cozy Powell
Laurence Cottle
Neil Murray
Bobby Rondinelli

Black Sabbath is a British heavy metal band


Black Sabbath formed in 1968 in Birmingham England. They were best known for being a pioneer of heavy metal.

Weezer Connection

Weezer has covered a number of their songs over the years, including "Paranoid" and "War Pigs."


Black Sabbath has gone through many line-up changes, but the classic line-up included

  • Tony Iommi - guitars
  • Bill Ward - drums
  • Geezer Butler - bass
  • Ozzy Osbourne - vocals, harmonica

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