Cherielynn Westrich

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Cherielynn Westrich
Westrich in the music video for Friends of P.
Background information
Occupation(s) Automotive technician, musician, songwriter, politician
Years active 1990's
Instrument(s) Vocals, synthesizer, guitar, bass
Website Twitter account
Associated acts
The Rentals, Supersport 2000

Cherielynn Westrich is an American musician, songwriter, and politician. She was a founding member of both the Rentals and Supersport 2000, and later part of The Slow Signal Fade. She was associated with the musical community around Poop Alley Studios.


Westrich played synthesizers and sang on Return of the Rentals. In an interview with Glorious Noise in 2001, Westrich claimed that Matt Sharp initially asked her to pretend to be in the band to meet with record executives before eventually being asked to sing on the album. Westrich also criticized Sharp for taking most of the credit for the album. Westrich wrote the lyrics and melody to the song "My Summer Girl" (a reworking of an earlier Rentals demo, "I Don't Love This, Babe") but did not receive official credit for it on the album's packaging, claiming that Sharp also received all songwriting royalties. Matt Sharp commented on this later in an interview, claiming that Westrich always had official publishing credit, stating "I was really trying to make the credits and the layout really clean and precise and not full with thank-you’s and all sorts of things, which was a mistake on my part", adding "In no way did I ever mean to hurt her, I was just a dumb kid who over looked something because I was so concerned with not having anything in the credits." Sharp subsequently credited her on the band's official website[1] and mentioned her contribution during live performances of the song.

Westrich was the main songwriter and vocalist of the short-lived band Supersport 2000 (with Rentals alums Rod Cervera and Mike Fletcher). The band put out only two small-release EPs, despite recording more material.

After music

After her career as a musician, Westrich pursued her passion for cars, appearing on 10 seasons of the reality television show Overhaulin'. She ran unsuccessfully for the Iowa State House of Representatives in 2018 as a Republican, but ran again in 2020 and won the seat[2].


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