Clara Obscura

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Clara Obscura
Clara Obscura cover
Studio album by The Relationship
Released April 18, 2017
Recorded ?-July 2016 at Valentine Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Genre Alternative rock
Length 31:28
Label Rebel Union Recordings/Lolipop Records
Producer(s) Nic Jodoin
The Relationship chronology
The Relationship
Clara Obscura
Together Tomorrow

Clara Obscura is The Relationship's sophomore album.


Clara Obscura was released on April 18, 2017. Aside from frontman Brian Bell, only two band members were credited on Obscura who had also contributed to the band's self-titled debut: Jon LaRue and Luther Russell. Eric J., a longtime collaborator of Bell's who produced the band's first record, is notably absent.

Nic Jodoin produced the record, recording the band at his own Valentine Recording Studios [1][2].

The band undertook a more intentional marketing effort for this record than they had with the previous one, releasing a music video for "Break Me Open."

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Missing"  Brian Bell 2:39
2. "Break Me Open"  Bell/Luther Russell/Debra Gussin 3:39
3. "Suzy Don't"  Bell/Russell 2:11
4. "Hate That I Love You"  Bell/Russell/Gussin 3:32
5. "Without Me"  Bell/Russell 3:31
6. "Working on Myself"  Bell/Russell 2:56
7. "Smile"  Bell 3:27
8. "Hawthorne"  Bell/Russell 3:59
9. "Stranded by the Sea"  Bell/Russell/Gussin 2:53
10. "This Year's Children"  Bell/Russell 2:41
Total length:


See also

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