Cocaine Blues

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"Cocaine Blues"
Cocaine Blues cover
Album track by The Warlocks
Album ''The Warlocks'' (EP)
Released 2000
Format CD, vinyl, digital
Recorded 1999[citation needed]
Length 2:38
Label Bomp!
Writer(s) Bobby Hecksher
Producer(s) Rod Cervera

"Cocaine Blues" is the lead song from the eponymous debut EP by the American psychedelic rock band The Warlocks. Rivers Cuomo has a cameo appearance in the song's music video.



Music video


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I picked up the dead cat
Peeled its skin with a blade
I got on my three-legged horse
To grab a jar of marmalade

It's the cocaine blues

Streaks of lye on your mirror
A case of booze at your door
Backtrack rainbow(?)

It's the cocaine blues

Don't try to get in the water
Don't try to get in the lava
She's a scapegoat woman with a ??

It's the cocaine blues

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