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An image of Pinkerton on vinyl, used as the icon for the Collectors Discography
An image of "The Good Life" on CD, used as the icon for the "tunes" section prior to the renaming
This article is for the defunct section of Weezer’s official website. For Weezer’s present discography, see Weezer discography.

Collectors Discography is the name of a chronological catalog of physically released media by and related to Weezer. It was compiled by Karl Koch and originally introduced in 2001 on, where it was originally titled "tunes" (or "tunes - the weezer discography") before being renamed to "Collectors Discography" in 2010. It was included in the info section of the website before the section's removal in 2014. The catalog was only ever finished up to the Maladroit era, with some pages (5-8 as well as Appendix C) being marked as "COMING SOON...". They were not finished before being removed from the site.

Website description

The Weezer Collectors Discography is an attempt to document all known promotional and commercially released vinyl, CDs, cassettes, DVDs, etc. that Weezer has put out (or appeared on) one way or another since the early days till present day. In addition, a new appendix is being added to cover non music merchandise - t-shirts, posters, accessories etc. Like all Weezer Info pages, the Collectors Discography is a continuing work in progress, so remember to check back if you dont see something you think should be here, and contact [me] if you think you have info that would help out.

- Karl Koch, Collectors Discography - Page 1



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